Friday Favourites #58

It’s been a week of bug walks, family times, books, books and more books!

This week I had my hours change approved, so from next week I’ll be working an extra day from home, thus reducing my blogging hours. Watch me become the queen of time management! Maybe…

We’ve also had a lot of family time, checking in with the parentals and cousins, as well as seeing my gran for the first time in too long. She loved seeing Jenson and fortunately he was well behaved and especially cute. Parenting win!

Here’s a closer look at what we’ve been up to this week.

Bug walk

On Saturday we met up with my brother’s side of the family for a bug walk. I thought it would be a fun addition to my James’ Giant Bug Book review and something different to do with the kids. Then we watched my brother play rugby and Jenson sat through his first full match. Kinda… He watched a bit of Paw Patrol on my phone and explored a bit. Definite progress on last year.

James' Giant Bug Book - review

James' Giant Bug Book - review

James' Giant Bug Book - review

Family day

On Sunday we met up with the fam again for a roast dinner, played in the park and got some ice cream – probably my last Jelberts of the season. I definitely made sure to savour it. Jenson loves hanging out with my dad, my brother and his family. He’s started saying I love you, which is the cutest thing. Of course, my dad was the first person he said it too! Thanks, kid.

Jelberts ice cream

Colourful stationery

I still can’t quite get over the beautiful stationery I shared on Monday. I’m hoping to find some quiet time to sit down with my new journal over the next few days.

The House That Lars Built notebook review

Bad Feminist

I’ve been reading Bad Feminist* this week and, although I’ve not finished it yet, I already want to recommend it to everyone. Roxane Gay is so flippin’ fabulous! I’ve totally fallen for her, what with her Scrabble obsession and Team Peeta proclamations. This book is what the term “yasss, queen!” was coined for.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

All of the books

I won a Twitter giveaway and my prizes were delivered yesterday. I’m really looking forward to reading the Tom Hanks book*. Thanks, Emily!

Twitter book win

Book launch

I popped along to a book launch last night. Yes, a book launch. In Penzance. They’re few and far between and I especially loved this one because it combined my love of books and stationery – it was very much a celebration of papery goodness. Bound* features 15 bookbinding projects, suitable for all levels. It’s released on Thursday and I’ll be sharing more about the launch then.

Bound book launch

I’m going to try and savour my time with Jenson this weekend as I’ve picked up some extra work next weekend (yes, even on top of my increased hours. It’s gonna be a busy week). Here’s hoping he’s in a good mood!

Have a lovely weekend :)

*affiliate link

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