Saturday Share #57

Blog posts I’ve loved this week include opening up about pregnancy, a reading challenge and photos of Cornwall.

saturday share

Even though Jenson is coming up to three and a half years old, I still love reading about other bloggers’ pregnancy journeys. I really appreciated the honesty of Abi and Freya‘s recent posts.

Speaking of children, my nephew started school this week and reading his mum’s blog post about the transition gave me all of the feels. This time next year it’ll be Jenson’s turn!

Jocelyn’s post on her children’s reading habits was really interesting. Jenson has always been interested in books, which is probably a given in this house, and I’m so pleased that he asks for bedtime stories every night. While I’ll never force him to read, I’ll always try and find something that interests him. It’s so great to see children excited about reading.

Nikki’s kicked off her high school reading challenge and I’ve already added The Outsiders to my TBR.

The latest in the ‘bloggers do Cornwall’ series is Nicole. I’m always fascinated to see where non-Cornish bloggers like to visit when they come down on their holidays and, more often than not, there’s a location I’ve not yet visited.

What blogs have you loved this week?

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