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Ten reasons why you need the No Fucks Given Guides in your life

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Fed up with all of the ‘new year, new me’ bullshit already? I feel ya. Fortunately Sarah Knight knows that, really, all we need to do is stop giving a fuck what people think, get our shit together, start putting ourselves first, and calm the fuck down.

Sound like the kind of message you can get on board with? Check out the No Fucks Given Guides.

No Fucks Given Guides by Sarah Knight

Here’s an overview of just ten things I’ve learned from these books:

1. How to stop spending time I don’t have doing things I don’t want to do with people I don’t like
OK, so this is the subtitle of The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k, but it’s true. I have a finite amount of time and energy and I’ve gotten a lot better at saying no to things I simply don’t want to do. Life’s too short!

2. How to manage my fuck budget
Similarly, this book taught me that I also have a limited number of fucks to give, and I’d much rather give them to Jenson, my Goodreads Challenge and feminism than waste them on the likes of reality TV, what people think I look like in a swimming costume and unnecessary drama.

Read my full review of The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k.

3. How to stop worrying about what I should do so I can finish what I need to do and start doing what I want to do
Yep, another subtitle, this time from Get Your Sh*t Together. I bought this one at the start of last year to help me dedicate my ‘spare’ time to growing my blog and it was so motivating.

2018 goals - Get Your Shit Together

4. I’m a Simon
In Get Your Sh*t Together, Sarah claims we’re all either an Alvin, Simon or Theodore, and I’m clearly a Simon – a perfectionist who takes on too much. I really like being told things about myself – I actually like having a label to work with. And this meant I could address it and take steps to make life a bit easier. I started to put less pressure on myself to blog daily and spent the year working on my work/life balance.

5. Self-care isn’t selfish
A key theme through all of the No Fucks Given Guides is the reminder that it’s ok to put yourself first – as long as you’re not a dick about it: “It’s living YOUR best life, not denying anyone else theirs, and/or being an insufferable prick… ‘Me time’ is a right, not a privilege”.

Read my full review of Get Your Sh*t Together.

6. How to make my goals more achievable
Every year I sit down and write goals in January and don’t revisit them until December, stumped as to why I haven’t actually achieved them. In the Get Your Sh*t Together Journal, Sarah takes readers through their goals step by step, breaking them down into small chunks. There are regular tasks, plus breaks are encouraged, because this is all about making it manageable rather than daunting.

Get your Shit Together Journal

Read my review of the Get Your Sh*T Together Journal (part one and part two).

7. How to be who I am and use what I’ve got to get what I want
Yep, another subtitle #sorrynotsorry You Do You really helped me work on my self-esteem and confidence.

You Do You by Sarah Knight book review

8. It’s ok to be you
So many self-help books are about changing something about yourself. Anti guru Sarah Knight is all about owning who you are, which is a welcome change: “This book isn’t called You IMPROVE You. No, this book – You DO You – is about accepting your strengths and your flaws.”

Read my full review of You Do You.

9. How to control what I can and accept what I can’t so I can stop freaking out and and get on with my life
Calm the F**k Down is Sarah’s most recent release and my favourite to date. While I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety, I am a fairly anxious person. I’m also very controlling and it’s taken me a long time to stop worrying (ok, worry less) about the things I can’t control. I’m also quite adverse to change, so I’m working on some pretty big lifestyle changes.

2019 goals toolkit giveaway2019 goals toolkit giveaway

10. How to manage my freakout funds
Similar to the fuck budget, the freakout funds system is about not wasting time and energy freaking out about something you can’t control. It’s best to channel that energy managing what you can change – and acting (not being an ostrich).

Read my full review of Calm the F**k Down.

Pretty awesome, right? Although I’m not typically a fan of audio books, I’m tempted to download these so that I can have Sarah in my ear, giving me a kick up the ass when I need it.

Buy these books on Amazon
The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k
Get Your Sh*t Together
You Do You
Get Your Sh*t Together Journal
Calm the F**k Down

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