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What I’ve been reading lately #16

This post features affiliate links and a book which was sent for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

I try not to read two books from the same genre back to back, so my Goodreads list is pretty varied. My latest run of books includes chick lit, non-fiction and poetry – a very mixed bag indeed.

what I've been reading lately

Up first is I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella. She’s been my go-to chick lit goddess since I read Can You Keep a Secret? years ago, followed by the Shopaholic series. But something has happened since I’ve, dare I say it, grown up a bit. I find relationship dramas based around miscommunication tedious and I want to shake her ‘heroines’ and tell them to grow a back bone. So it’s safe to say I didn’t think much of her latest release, although I’ll probably give the next Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) installment a go later in the year.

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What a Time to be Alone - book review

I very wrongly judged a book by its cover when it came to the Slumflower’s book: What A Time to Be Alone. I wasn’t familiar with the blog but the book had been popping up all over my Instagram feed, so I thought I’d check it out at the library. It turned out it was very much a case of style over substance.

What a Time to be Alone - book review

The design is rather stunning but I didn’t take away anything of value. I expected to feel empowered. Instead I was massively underwhelmed.

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She is Fierce: Bold and Beautiful Poems by Women - book review

Not to worry, after two disappointments, Ana Sampson’s She is Fierce (review copy) saved the day with some much-needed girl power. Unlike What A Time To Be Alone, this book is beautiful and inspiring. And, as with most of my favourite hardbacks, you’ve got to peek under the jacket.

She is Fierce: Bold and Beautiful Poems by Women - book review

She is Fierce: Bold and Beautiful Poems by Women - book review

This collection of 150 poems was released last autumn to celebrate the centenary of the female vote. Accompanied with short bios on each writer, and with top names such as Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath and Emily Bronte, it’s a top resource.

She is Fierce: Bold and Beautiful Poems by Women - book review

I haven’t read much poetry since my school days, having been turned off by the constant analysis and repetitive themes, but this year one of my goals is to read more. I wanted to find verses I identified with and felt empowered by, such as Sylvia Plath’s Mirror and Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman.

I’m pleased to say I now have many favourite poems, including some by writers I hadn’t heard of before, such as Wendy Cope, Jan Dean and Finn Butler. The sections on joy, body image and resistance feature some absolute treasures, including thoughts on marriage, wellbeing, hope and ageing. It turns out there’s a lot to poetry than Shakespeare’s sonnets and meandering metaphors and I’m finally a fan.

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What have you been reading?

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