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A few of my favourite things #86

How flippin’ lovely has it been the last few days? I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to take Jenson on a few adventures while we’ve been off work and nursery. Plus the weather has been gorgeous. Although I must remember to reapply the factor 50 regularly.

Here’s a look back at a few favourites.

Pretty packaging

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, which is why I bought the Baylis & Harding Unicorn Candy collection a while back. Fortunately it was a bleddy bargain and smelt nice, so it was money well spent. Now the bottles are almost empty I’m pondering the llamas or mermaids… I love a coconut scent during the summer.

Baylis & Harding Pink Lemonade llama

Baylis & Harding Coconut & Watermelon mermaid

Luke picked these tasty treats up for me the other day because he knew I’d like the packaging. Cute, right?

Mcvities packaging

And they match my current read perfectly.

How to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Mansell

Feminist books

Last week I finished my copy of Ana Sampson’s poetry collection, She is Fierce, and read The Wisdom of Wonder Woman – both review copies and both fecking fabulous. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t a fan of poetry but I’ve finally found some which are accessible and relatable. Thanks, Ana!

Feminist books

The Rosie Result

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is a fantastic book about a man on the autistic spectrum who meets a woman who changes his life. The Rosie Effect is about their subsequent marriage and pregnancy and, while I’d become emotionally invested in the characters, I found the story somewhat repetitive and it didn’t pack as much of a punch as its predecessor. Now Simsion is back with a third story, this time focusing on the couple’s eleven year old son. I was lucky enough to be able to loan it from the library in its first week of release and I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

The Rosie Result

Chilli nachos

I very rarely buy lunch at work, as it’s the best part of a fiver a day, but when I rocked up with my tin of soup the other day and a colleague came back from the refectory with nachos I had to get some. They certainly helped clear my congestion for a while! Self-care, ammiright?

Chilli nachos

I also like to have something sweet in the afternoon with a cup of tea. Thank you, Easter!

Unicorn Smarties

Lappa Valley

Lappa Valley has been on my Cornwall bucket list for a while now and we managed to tick it off last week. Our friends picked us up in the car and took us out for the day. Jenson was a very happy bunny and, despite his love of trains and four train rides during the day, he said his highlight was the boats. They have swan pedal boats on the lake and the boys loved it. I shit myself a little bit as I’m not great with water but when I realised it would barely come up to my knee I relaxed a bit.

Lappa Valley

Entry is £12.95 per adult and £10.95 per child (three and over), which struck me as quite a lot but it’s worth it. We were there for four hours and everything was included in the entry fee, including the trains, boats, ride-on cars, play area, etc. We also took a picnic which saved on cafe prices.

If you’re local to the area, you can get an annual pass for the price of three tickets or if you pay an extra £1 on the way out you can return for just £7.

Easter egg hunt

Jenson did his first Easter egg hunt this year. We went to the Pirate Inn where they had hidden lots of coloured eggs outside. You could trade one for a small chocolate egg or four different colours for a big Easter egg. Guess who was first to find four!

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

Bank Holiday sunshine

I wanted to take Jenson to Marazion on an adventure yesterday (he loves adventures), as they had a free rockpool explorer session and an Easter trail, but we’ve both been a bit under the weather lately and it didn’t go quite as planned. I think the rockpool session might be fun for him next year but he is still a bit young. Plus there was a lot of seaweed and we didn’t have the best footwear. He asked to stop after a few minutes, so we sat down and had our picnic. We ended up skipping the Easter trail too and headed back to the park to play for an hour. The kid is so easily pleased.


We did spot some crabs on the way back, so all was not lost.


I think sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to do something epic with Jenson when really he just likes going to the park, building sandcastles on the beach, and riding his bike around the local gardens. I should appreciate it while it lasts, really.

Park life

We very rarely treat ourselves to takeaways or meals out but we had a chippy from Fraser’s yesterday. It’s owned by the same family who own Harbour Lights in Falmouth, so you know the quality is great. Plus the fish is a great size. Yum!

Frasers Fish & Chips

We’re finishing off our Bank Holiday weekend with a birthday party and a bike ride. Jenson got his first big boy bike last week and, after mastering the art of the balance bike over the last year, he’s now learning to get to grips with pedals.

Hope you have a good one :)

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