Introducing my National Stationery Week 2019 sponsors

If you’re new around these parts, you might not know that I’ve been blogging about National Stationery Week for the last few years. It’s my favourite week of the year and I love working with brands to share their incredible products with my readers. They also offer fantastic giveaways and discounts in return.

National Stationery Week 2019

Disclosure time: All of the brands featured on my blog for National Stationery Week are paid sponsors. I hope it goes without saying that these are all brands I genuinely love and who I reached out to personally for this campaign.

Their sponsorship allows me to not only provide you with awesome content but it has also covered my expenses to attend Stationery Show London. I went up for the day last year and this year I’m attending both days in order to find out more about upcoming trends, go to a couple of workshops and network. Of course, I’ll be sharing all of my geeky shenanigans on my Stories while I’m there and posting the highlights on the blog when I’m back.

2019 National Stationery Week sponsors

Now, back to next week’s content. I want to leave some of it as a surprise, so here’s an overview of what to expect. You can also find some photo teasers on my Stories.

Monday: Kawaii stationery from Pango Productions
Tuesday: Pens to up your journaling game from Staedtler
Wednesday: Subscription boxes from Spotlight Stationery
Thursday: Bullet journal accessories from Oops a Daisy
Friday: Wellbeing stationery from Got2Jot
Saturday: A bullet journal from Stationery & Art
Sunday: Letter writing set from Executive Pens Direct

What day are you most looking forward to?

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