A few of my favourite things #87

I’m posting this a day early this week because tomorrow is the start of National Stationery Week – like you didn’t already know!

I’ve had so much fun putting together the finishing touches to my posts and I can’t wait to reveal all. Take a look at this little preview.

So what else have I have been up to this week? I saw The Film! Yep, we went on a double date to see Avengers: Endgame a whole three days after release. I literally counted down the hours. Semi-spoiler-ish comments at the end of this post. Join me in the comments for more nerdiness!

I haven’t enjoyed a trip to the cinema this much since The Dark Knight. A sold out screening, truly engaged audience members who aren’t distracted by their phones or shovelling popcorn, and everyone on the edge of their seats makes for a fantastic experience.

I mentioned recently that I’m one of Go Stationery’s Glambassadors (an affiliate ambassador role) and I’m pleased to say that you can get a whopping 35% off everything with my code GOGLAM11 until Friday. Enjoy! Check out my recent review post here.

Go Stationery notebook

I’m also now a proud plant mumma. Remember my BLOOM your message post? My rocket plant has started growing and it’s crazy how proud that makes me. Despite the neighbours’ cats shitting all over my balcony I’ve managed to grow something. And my sweetpeas have just sprouted too! There’s hope for me yet.

BLOOM your message

And in this week’s bookish news, I picked up a couple of freebies at a World Book Night event – a secondhand copy of Lord of Flies (it’s on my literary bucket list) and a new copy of The Things We Thought We Knew. Have you read either of them?

World Book Day 2019

And that’s all, folks! Hope you love next week’s content.

Avengers comments:

  • I’ve long wondered which Marvel film is my favourite and keep going between Thor:Ragnarok and the Guardians films. As soon as Korg popped up I remembered why I love Ragnarok so much. Then when Come and Get Your Love came on I remembered why I love Guardians so much. Must re-watch!
  • Speaking of favourite films, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is hugely under-rated. It’s one of my all-time favourite films and put RDJ back on the map before Iron Man did.
  • And speaking of under-rated, you just never see enough of Mark Ruffalo, do you?
  • I can’t believe they got literally everyone back. Even for just a matter of seconds in some cases. Sounds fucking expensive but they’ll make their budget back a million times over. Give or take. The local screenings are sold out for days and they’re fighting to put more on to meet demand. This is proof that Netflix won’t destroy cinema.
  • I was a bit pissed that the final focus was on Cap but he was the first Avenger, so I guess it made sense. And it kinda gave it a happy ending after the ‘I love you three thousand’ scene. I love that grown men/teenage boys were openly sobbing in the cinema. I had tears and was chomping on my bottom lip so hard.
  • I wanted to yell, “YASSS, QUEEN!” in the Captain Marvel back-up scene but think more could have been made of it. I kinda thought that it was going to build to the girls saving the day or something but, y’know, the shot itself was enough.
  • The only thing that doesn’t quite earn it a five star review for me was that I didn’t care enough about Nat. But that’s on the character arc, not Scar-Jo. I’ve read enough of the comics to know that she’s a bad-ass who deserved better. The Dark Knight was just shy of five stars too – who decided the Batman voice was a good idea?!

Do feel free to chat more about Endgame with me in the comments.

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