What’s in my pencil case: Katie from Find the Good Everyday

Welcome back to my new series: ‘What’s in my pencil case’. You know how you can find out a lot about a person when you look through their bookshelves or DVD collection? Well, I love having a nose through someone’s pencil case, so I’ve started a guest blogger series. I’m delighted to have the lovely Katie from Find the Good Everyday as my second guest blogger.

Katie from Find the Good Everyday

Hello! My name is Katie and I blog at I’m constantly seeking ways to be happier with a focus on self-care and positivity.

Stationery is one of the things that makes me happy. As a writer, a list-maker, and a planner, I love to have the creative tools that help me put pen to paper and get the words out. I’ve usually got multiple notebooks on the go and always keep my pencil case close to hand!

My pencil case contents tend to change depending on what projects I’m working on and whether I have any new items I’m keen to try out. Here’s a peek at what it currently looks like:

What's in my pencil case - Katie from Find the Good Everyday

What’s In My Pencil Case

  • Reversible Rainbow Sequin Pencil Case – a gift from my son from Flying Tiger*

  • Alpaca Blue & Black Ballpoint Pen – another Flying Tiger* purchase – I love the quirkiness of their stationery items

  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pen & ink cartridges – this is the pen I use to write my daily morning pages and I love using fun coloured inks with it

  • Bic 4 way colour pens – I find these so handy for colour coding and use them in my Bullet Journal and other notebooks

  • Purple Flow Writer Ballpoint from Typo – this writes smoothly and I’m keen to buy more in a few colours next time I’m at a Typo store

  • My trusty pencil – I usually keep a pencil and eraser close at hand

  • Post-it Notes – I tend to keep a stash of these in different colours and sizes in my pencil case as I use them for planning and brainstorming ideas

  • Washi Tape – this is handy for so many uses and I always keep a roll or two in my pencil case. Flying Tiger and Poundland have some great designs for low prices

  • Brush Marker Pens – these are from WH Smith and were a gift from my son for Mother’s Day. I love practicing “fancy” writing with them and use them daily in my Bullet Journal

  • Find the Good Everyday stickers – I designed and ordered these stickers from Vistaprint and keep some handy to give away and use when sending happy mail

  • Not pictured but usually in my pencil case – highlighters – I’m currently using these skinny highlighters from Hema

*Flying Tiger do not have an online store but I’d recommend planning a visit if you’re near one! You can look up your local shop here.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of what’s in my pencil case. I’d love it if you popped by the blog or my Instagram to say hello!

And a big thank you to the lovely Emma here at A Cornish Geek for inviting me to share my pencil case!


Want to write a post for this series? Contact me via my About page.

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