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Greatest films of all time

Empire have asked their readers to vote for their five favourite films - in order! That's a pretty big ask for me, as I can easily say that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is my favourite, but the other four? And in order? Eek! They're compiling a list of the 301 greatest movies of… Continue reading Greatest films of all time


Out now on DVD: Woody Allen box set

Woody Allen has had such a long and varied career that there are plenty of box sets available. This one is my favourite. And yes, it's just because of the cover art. It would be cool if you could get a print of it... Anyways, this box set contains 20 films, including most of the… Continue reading Out now on DVD: Woody Allen box set

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Fictional female role models

I got to thinking the other day about the TV shows that I watch and I realised that they feature some pretty bad-ass, strong women in leading roles. The Mentalist, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory and Chuck all feature great female characters. And those that are no longer in production, such as Buffy the Vampire… Continue reading Fictional female role models