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Item of the day: Unicorns from Firebox

*Squeal!* Have you seen the new unicorn range from Firebox? Even more cute and cuddliness! What's your fave? I've got a soft spot for the light-up dude. Chubby light-up unicorn, £34.99, Elodie the unicorn mug, £14.99, Elodie the unicorn planter, £16.99, Uni the unicorn string lights, £24.99 My giveaway has now closed but, as I'm… Continue reading Item of the day: Unicorns from Firebox

2016 christmas gift guide for bloggers
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2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Bloggers

The more I think about it, the more I think we bloggers are the easiest people in the world to shop for. Just wrap up something rose gold or with a white marble effect and we're happy, right? Well, we don't all go for all of the trends but you can usually play it safe… Continue reading 2016 Christmas Gift Guide: For Bloggers

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Why I love: Firebox

I love Firebox. It's not just about the awesome goodies, such as zombie slippers, tetris lights and earmuff headphones. It's the personal touch - with their niche items and the way they interact with their customers. For example, I just ordered a Christmas prezzie for the boyfriend and got this confirmation email: Hi *** Thanks… Continue reading Why I love: Firebox