Pentel Touch Sign brush pens

Pens for days: Brush pens

One of my most popular blog posts of all time is my collection of bullet journal reviews: find the right bullet journal for you. As a lettering newbie, I find it so useful to find reviews of various pens, so I thought I'd bring all of my pen reviews together in one place too. I'm… Continue reading Pens for days: Brush pens

Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen review

Stationery porn: Pentel Touch Brush Sign pens

I've worked with Cult Pens but bought these myself Have I mentioned how much I'm loving Instagram at the moment? There's a rather lovely community of lettering nerds who are so encouraging and inspiring. There's a great Facebook group for fans of Simply Lettering too, so I'm picking up loads of awesome recommendations for new… Continue reading Stationery porn: Pentel Touch Brush Sign pens

Trevaskis Farm pumpkin patch 2019

A few of my favourite things #103

It's been over a month since I posted one of these! My mental health took a bit of a dip and I didn't blog for three weeks. While I've played catch up with my blog schedule, I decided to hold off on these weekly updates, but kept the ol' Instagram up to date (I think… Continue reading A few of my favourite things #103