Silvine Originals Aurora Memo notebooks - review

Stationery porn: Silvine Originals Aurora Memo notebooks

If you're the kind of person who always carries a notebook (guilty!), and you like something stylish and sustainable, look no further than these flipping stunning Silvine Originals Aurora Memo notebooks, available from Stationery & Art. Available in Motion (teal) or Oracle (purple), these new limited edition notebooks are inspired by the colours of nature… Continue reading Stationery porn: Silvine Originals Aurora Memo notebooks

World Calligraphy Day 2019 - Manuscript Pen co reviews

World Calligraphy Day 2019

This post features gifted products and affiliate links Happy World Calligraphy Day! The lovely chaps from Small Man Media have sent me a cracking bundle of some of Manuscript Pen Company's best products (and some Silvine notebooks to boot!) to celebrate this wonderfully nerdy day - and I'm in a sharing mood. As you read… Continue reading World Calligraphy Day 2019