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Gifts for gadget geeks

In this day and age, it’s nigh on impossible to find anyone who doesn’t love their gadgets. Everyone seems to have a smart phone, tablet and/or e-reader and there are countless accessories to further gadgetfy them. Check out these nifty devices.

Under £10

gifts for gadget geeks under £10

Running out of juice is everyone’s worst nightmare. This handy keyring charger is the perfect stocking filler for iPhone owners. Make it quicker for them to doll up for New Year’s Eve with this handy monkey nail dryer – and make sure they can bust out some tunes while they’re at it with this pop up speaker. If they’re planning on jet-setting off someplace warm for the winter, make sure they keep their gadgets safe on the beach with this sneaky Tan Safe. And for the family photographer, this snap remote is perfect for all those group shots and these touch screen gloves will ensure ease of use out in the cold too!

Under £25

gifts for gadget geeks under £25

The safest gift for a gadget geek is an accessory to keep it safe and looking good. I love this Hello Beautiful tablet sleeve and Radley iPhone case. For those gadget geeks who struggle to get up in the morning, this iPod alarm clock is perfect. When the alarm goes off in the morning, instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, they’ll wanna get up and dance! If they’re jetting off to a hot beach for the new year, they’ll be needing one these waterproof iPad cases, plus this bottle opener iPhone case is very handy for the party season. But of course, it has to come to an end at some point, and this spy pen will keep them entertained when they return to work.

Under £50

gifts for gadget geeks under £50

Let’s kick the techy accessories up a gear with a gorgeous Radley Kindle case, personalised iPad cover and some adorable tablet covers (flowers, cake). And for the ultimate garden party/romantic picnic, a speaker blanket!

Under £100

gifts for gadget geeks under £100

No-one can be without their phone, so get theirs life protected (Samsung Galaxy, iPhone), or get this boostcase with built in portable charger! If they’re planning a big party over the holidays, this bluetooth speaker bar will be the perfect gift – wireless speaker, built in microphone which allows you to talk hands-free and use Facetime and compatible with a range of gadgets. But the ultimate party gift? This epic jukebox! And for the morning after? Get the kettle on before you even get out of bed with an iKettle!

Over £100

gifts for gadget geeks over £100

If money is no object, there’s plenty of nifty attachments and accessories for the iPhone and iPad, including a photo printer, scanner, swivl for budding filmmakers, orbit for photographers and projector. This action cam even comes with a free waterproof case. And if you’re looking for something a bit quirkier, this tweed BoomSatchel definitely fits the bill!

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