David Shillinglaw x Mind t-shirts from Culture Label
Mental Health

Wear your Mind on your t-shirt with Culture Label

I strongly believe in raising awareness of mental health and the need to increase resources for those who are struggling, so I'm incredibly proud and honoured to be working with Culture Label* to help promote their latest charity campaign. They're working with street artist David Shillinglaw on a range of t-shirts, with a new design… Continue reading Wear your Mind on your t-shirt with Culture Label

alfred hitchcock print from culture label
Film, Lifestyle

Item of the day: Alfred Hitchcock print from Culture Label

They don't call him the Master of Suspense for nothing - the guy was the legend! That's why every film geek worth their salt needs this rather brilliant Alfred Hitchcock print from Culture Label, highlighting the big guy's outstanding filmography. It's a limited edition so it'll set you back £50.

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Item of the day: Kate Spade notebook

It's National Stationery Week and today is Notebook Day!. day. I love a good notebook and I already have at least half a dozen that haven't been touched but you can never have too many! I've got a few favourites at the moment, including this anatomical heart one from Culture Label and this eat cake… Continue reading Item of the day: Kate Spade notebook

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Gifts for gadget geeks

In this day and age, it's nigh on impossible to find anyone who doesn't love their gadgets. Everyone seems to have a smart phone, tablet and/or e-reader and there are countless accessories to further gadgetfy them. Check out these nifty devices. Under £10 Running out of juice is everyone's worst nightmare. This handy keyring charger… Continue reading Gifts for gadget geeks

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Gifts for writers

Buying a gift for a writer is pretty simple on a budget - you can never go wrong with a nice pen or notebook. But what if you want to get them something a bit more special? I'm here to help. Here are dozens of gift ideas for writers on every budget. Under £10 The… Continue reading Gifts for writers

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Gifts for film buffs

Film buffs can be either incredibly easy or hugely difficult to buy for, depending on how wide they cast their film viewing net. A true film buff will admit to loving flicks from the Golden Age, 80s cheese, under-the-radar indies and Hollywood blockbusters. So prepare to cast your peepers over some pretty ask-kicking gifts for… Continue reading Gifts for film buffs


Item of the day: Culture Label desk tidy

I want to kick off National Stationery Week with the cutest item I have seen - this desk tidy from Culture Label. It's in the shape of a bunny, with a pair of scissors for the ears. It even comes with the green paperclips to make up the carrot top in the magnetic holder. Pretty… Continue reading Item of the day: Culture Label desk tidy