chicklitdesigns phone cases
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Wish list: chicklitdesigns from Etsy

I recently came across an awesome subscription service on Instagram called Once Upon a Bookcase where subscribers get a new phone case every month inspired by a top title. I instantly fell in love with this Peter Pan case but wanted to buy it on its own. A quick Etsy search threw up chicklitdesigns, who… Continue reading Wish list: chicklitdesigns from Etsy

riceroar noodoll tablet case
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Item of the day: Noodoll tablet case

Luke treated himself to a new tablet a couple of months ago which meant lucky me got his old one! I never saw the need for one before but it's great for watching Netflix in bed! Now I want my own cute little case to go with it but I'm torn between a practical one… Continue reading Item of the day: Noodoll tablet case

fox tablet case from caseit

Item of the day: Fox tablet case from caseit

We've got a bit of a woodland creature theme this weekend - you can tell autumn is coming! I don't have (or need) a tablet myself but that doesn't mean I can't drool over the adorable accessories. Right now I'm loving this very seasonal fox tablet case from caseit. It is even sturdy enough to… Continue reading Item of the day: Fox tablet case from caseit

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Gifts for gadget geeks

In this day and age, it's nigh on impossible to find anyone who doesn't love their gadgets. Everyone seems to have a smart phone, tablet and/or e-reader and there are countless accessories to further gadgetfy them. Check out these nifty devices. Under £10 Running out of juice is everyone's worst nightmare. This handy keyring charger… Continue reading Gifts for gadget geeks


New favourite designer: Ted Baker

I've seen so many people walking around with these cute little bags lately that it has made me fall in love with Ted Baker. There's something about those bows that's so Zooey Deschanel-ish that makes me instantly want them. I'm so fickle! The clothes are waaay out of my price range but, like Radley, the… Continue reading New favourite designer: Ted Baker