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Item of the day: Kate Spade iPhone cases

It's times like this I wish I stuck with an iPhone. Kate Spade has a gorgeous range of phone cases but they're only for iPhones. I love this glitter 'shake things up' case for £45.00. Of course, butter fingers over here is better off with folio cases, so I'd get this little cutie. Hopefully one… Continue reading Item of the day: Kate Spade iPhone cases

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Follow Friday #25

After missing last week's Follow Friday because I was (shock horror) actually out being sociable (I know, right!), and checking into the #lbloggers chat on Sunday for the first time in months, this week's Follow Friday has shit loads of awesome content for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! Books Why I let Jodi Picoult destroy my… Continue reading Follow Friday #25

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Highlights of the week

New blog discoveries The Peppermint Pencil Jennypurr a little opulent One Sheepish Girl Blogging How to make your fortune writing about stuff you love - BBC News Amy Writes: Why have we become so disillusioned with blogging? - Love AmyBecca Giffysnap: Create animated GIF images for your blog - Wonder Forest The best blogging advice… Continue reading Highlights of the week

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Gifts for gadget geeks

In this day and age, it's nigh on impossible to find anyone who doesn't love their gadgets. Everyone seems to have a smart phone, tablet and/or e-reader and there are countless accessories to further gadgetfy them. Check out these nifty devices. Under £10 Running out of juice is everyone's worst nightmare. This handy keyring charger… Continue reading Gifts for gadget geeks

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Gifts for film buffs

Film buffs can be either incredibly easy or hugely difficult to buy for, depending on how wide they cast their film viewing net. A true film buff will admit to loving flicks from the Golden Age, 80s cheese, under-the-radar indies and Hollywood blockbusters. So prepare to cast your peepers over some pretty ask-kicking gifts for… Continue reading Gifts for film buffs


Item of the day: iPhone case

I love quirky phone cases and I love comic book heroes. So why not combine the two? When I got the first case for my iPhone, I ordered it before I even owned the phone. I knew I'd be heading into town to get one the next day and that I'd be going for the… Continue reading Item of the day: iPhone case