Christmas shopping in Plymouth

I went Christmas shopping in Plymouth at the weekend. I say Christmas shopping… it was more like shopping at Christmas. I had already bought everything I wanted to get for other people, so when I came across things that I thought people would like I got a bit pissed. Getting gift buying out of the way and spreading your spending is good but there are always going to be things you’ll want to get. I suppose there’s always next year!

The good thing is that when you’ve bought everything for other people, the only person left is yourself! I saved my birthday money knowing that I’d be pretty broke by that point, and treated myself to some pretty bits.


Dot-to-dot bunny t-shirt, Topshop
Cat dress, H&M
Marvel sweatshirt, Primark
Selection of books, Waterstones

I got all of that for under £100, plus a black cardigan from Primark, a couple of DVDs (True Romance and Magic Mike) and lunch. Bargain! I got a bit excited wandering about Waterstones too. There were so many beautiful books. I picked up some other bits and put them back down again before I got too carried away. Here are some other pretty little things I seriously considered…


Robin PJs, Fat Face
Love sweater, Topshop

Cat skirt, H&M
Jumper, Superdry

Everytime I go into Fat Face I fall in love with those robin PJs a little bit more. And when I saw the Superdry jumper on a mannequin in the window, I instantly wanted it. If it was £70 max I probably would have got it But it was £114.99 – a bit out of my price range! But it looks sooo warm and snuggly.

The high street is decorated beautifully at the moment. It’s definitely worth a walk around to have your photo taken with some festive figures. I even had mine taken with Santa! If you’ve got a spare few quid, you can also have a group shot taken in a snowglobe – perfect for a family Christmas card. We didn’t want to queue in the rain though.


Now that all of the shopping is done, it’s time to eat, drink and be merry. Happy holidays!

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