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Saturday Share #53

I actually found time for a Twitter chat this week (the perfect place to find new blogs!), so as well as the usual favourite posts of the week, I've got some new favourite blogs to share with you too! Travel Chrissie has shared some of Manchester's epic street art I've got family in Derbyshire and… Continue reading Saturday Share #53


Highlights of the week

This week I've mainly been loving YouTube videos, but here's some cool blog posts too. New blog finds The Lovely List The Tea Drinking English Rose Beautiful Clutter New favourite pinner Sunny Sweet Pea Articles/blog posts Should film critics care about cinematic technique? - The Guardian Joss Whedon releases new film on demand¬†- BBC News… Continue reading Highlights of the week


Christmas shopping in Plymouth

I went Christmas shopping in Plymouth at the weekend. I say Christmas shopping... it was more like shopping at Christmas. I had already bought everything I wanted to get for other people, so when I came across things that I thought people would like I got a bit pissed. Getting gift buying out of the… Continue reading Christmas shopping in Plymouth