Highlights of the week

Here’s some of the cool shit I found online this week:

Favourite articles

Why you should get paid for your blog posts –
Can you make it through this post without your ovaries exploding? – Buzz Feed
Despite the best efforts of Cameron’s Britain, being in your twenties is actually great – New Statesman
Got Blogger’s Block? Here Are 50 Ways to Kick Its Ass! – Gala Darling
Watch the first three minutes of Joss Whedon’s new film, In Your Eyes – Indiewire

Shoulda woulda coulda (or: things I would have blogged about if there were more days in the week!)

Awesome finds on Paperchase, including their ‘Taking Tea‘ range, cute rabbit timer and deer mug

Primark’s Marvel women’s range

Roald Dahl mugs from Truffle Shuffle

Want, need, wear, read (inspired by The Cake Hunter’s birthday wish list)

Want: I am completely in love with this Essenza Paz duvet set from Next but it’s £100 for a kingsize! Reckon if I hold out it’ll come down in price?

Need: When I bake, the hard bit is getting the items out of the trays. It has been easier with my silicone ones but this no-bake collapsible pan from Lakeland is perfect and, at £14.99, there’s no excuse not to start making cheesecakes! Yum!

Wear: Forget Kate Moss’ new range for Topshop – it’s all about Zooey Deschanel’s collection for Tommy Hilfiger

Read: Will Taylor’s book, based on his blog Bright Bazaar. I love his column for The Simple Things

Awesome images

Emma Stone being awesome
Image via


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