Highlights of the week

Here's some of the cool shit I found online this week: Favourite articles Why you should get paid for your blog posts - Can you make it through this post without your ovaries exploding? - Buzz Feed Despite the best efforts of Cameron’s Britain, being in your twenties is actually great - New Statesman Got Blogger's… Continue reading Highlights of the week

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My favourite films seen in 2013

I have had to re-work my usual 'best of' list because it would appear that I've only been to the cinema ten times this year. Ten! I am shocked and appalled but, hey, you've gotta work with what you've got. Out of the list of new UK cinema releases in 2013, this is my solid… Continue reading My favourite films seen in 2013

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New favourite TV show: Elementary

I'm a sucker for American crime dramas - The Mentalist, Castle, Fringe... I never got into the British show Sherlock, and was reasonably entertained by Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock Holmes, but I didn't think I'd like Elementary as much as I have so far. It's only two episodes in in the UK but it has… Continue reading New favourite TV show: Elementary