Poundland bargains

It’s not very often that I feel inspired to write about Poundland but sometimes you can have an incredible shopping sesh in there! I popped into the Truro branch yesterday and it turned out to be loads better than the one in Penzance.

I only went in for a photo frame as I had just picked up some amazing wrapping paper from Inhabit. It has teapots over it and I thought it would be a nice, colourful addition to the kitchen. Somehow I ended up spending £12! Here are the best bits – minus the boring brunch bars and tissues I could get from anywhere…

Mini memo board for the office – in keeping with the bright colours theme

memo board from poundland

You never know when you might suddenly need another disposable BBQ

disposable BBQ from poundland

Frame for previously mentioned wrapping paper

picture frame from poundland

I nearly bought some ramekins in The Big Ass Tesco on Monday for like £8! So glad I refrained

set of 3 ramekins from poundland

This book looked pretty interesting

how to leave twitter book from poundland

We needed a new grater and this pink one will jazz up the worktops a bit

pink grater from poundland

Super cute and colourful ice cream bowls with spoons! Might not be big enough for one serving in our house though…

ice cream bowls from poundland

I don’t use pencils very often but a pack of five Zebra pencils for £1 was too good not to buy

zebra mechanical pencils from poundland

Finally, some epic biscuits which go perfectly with a cup of tea.

chocolate biscuits from poundland

And here’s the wrapping paper which started all of this! It wasn’t until I went to frame it that I realised it was double-sided. I loved both patterns so much that I made them my wallpaper and screensaver on my phone and now want to get another frame to display the reverse. It’s pretty, right?

wrapping paper from inhabit

And here it is framed. There aren’t any hooks on the back for hanging, so it’s above my fireplace for now.

framed wrapping paper

4 thoughts on “Poundland bargains”

  1. Hello there! :)
    You do have an eye for great things! :)

    I recently bought the Memo Board from Poundland and I don’t understand what those 4 black squares are for! My board keeps falling off after fixing it with the double tapes!
    Could please help me on this one?
    Thank you! :D

  2. I love this, I’ve recently been on a huge pound shop spree, but I’m obsessed with everything you got, especially the photo frame and the memo board! I might need to look again haha! xx

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