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10 things I loved about this month’s Company

Ah, Company, how I love you! You’re packed full of affordable fashion and musings on things that actually affect my everyday life. And the ads are things I can actually afford and want to buy. And you’re printed on such beautiful paper… But enough of the sweet nothings! Here are the ten things that I loved the most about the July 2014 issues:

1. They advertised this camera. I mentioned a little while ago that I quite fancied one but my photography-obsessed boyfriend told me it isn’t worth it… Looks fun though. And so pretty!

fujifilm instax blue

2. These unbelievably cool wellies! I almost want to go for a muddy walk just so I can wear them! But then, I wouldn’t want to get them dirty…

parrot wellies from julu x kigu

3. Wish Wish Wish featured in the ‘Love My Life’ section – one of my favourite features and favourite bloggers. Double win!

wish wish wish in company
Image via

4. Gem Royston-Claire investigated why festivals are reluctant to book female performers as headlining acts.

ellie goulding
Image via

5. Mia Holt and Lucy Smith discuss postgrad problems. Tell me about it!

graduate problems
Image via

6. 20% off at Urban Outfitters! Yeah, baby! I’ll be all over that on Pay Day. Treat yo’self to this Ryan Gosling tee, why doncha?!

ryan gosling tee from urban outfitters

7. I love the #readitandtweet section as there’s always at least one title I’ll add to The List. Everyone seems to be talking about My Salinger Year by Joanna Rakoff, so that’ll be joining my bookcase soon.

my salinger year by joanna rakoff

8. Another profile on a blogger! Granted she’s an actress too, and I’ve never heard of her, but the Ashley Madekwe cover feature is still welcome.

ashley madekwe
Image via

9. It was delivered to my door, so I didn’t forget there’s a new issue out! That’s right, I subscribe. Winner!

10. It isn’t your typical women’s glossy lifestyle mag – in fact, it’s not even glossy! The paper is incredible. Yep, I’m that cool I have nerdgasms over paper quality.

Have you picked up a copy yet?

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