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Saturday Share #58

Plenty to peruse this week, from blogging tips to Cornish folklore and recipes to DIY. Happy reading! Lifestyle I don't think it's possible for me to love Michelle Obama more. Have you seen the Carpool Karaoke video? I friggin' loved this article on what everyone's doing with their summer, according to Instagram Bit jealous of… Continue reading Saturday Share #58

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Next week is one of the most important days of the year: Mother's Day. Yep, it's time to show thanks for all those sleepless nights, dirty nappies, snotty noses. tantrums, slammed doors, late night phone calls for a lift home, etc. Mums are pretty awesome, ammiright? Here's a wee little gift guide to save you… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Tried and tested: Free Prints app

A friend recommended the Free Prints app to me the other day as a great way to ensure you regularly make hard copies of all of your cute baby photos. You can order 45 prints a month for free - you just need to pay postage. So I downloaded the app and gave it a… Continue reading Tried and tested: Free Prints app

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Poundland bargains

It's not very often that I feel inspired to write about Poundland but sometimes you can have an incredible shopping sesh in there! I popped into the Truro branch yesterday and it turned out to be loads better than the one in Penzance. I only went in for a photo frame as I had just… Continue reading Poundland bargains

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New favourite website: The Painted Bird

There's a cute little shop I love at the bottom of Penzance high street called The Painted Bird. They also have a store in St Ives but I only get the opportunity to pop in once a fortnight. Today I discovered that they also have a website! Yay! So if I find myself craving some… Continue reading New favourite website: The Painted Bird