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10 Things I love about the June issue of The Simple Things

I love The Simple Things. It features the kind of life I’d like to live if I had more free time and money! Exploring, dinner parties, crafting, recipes, etc. There are a dozen or so things I want to buy or try every issue! Here are my favourite finds from the June issue (posting this rather late – the new issue is released this week!).

1. Will’s (from Bright Bazaar) column is one of my favourite regular features. In this issue I particularly loved his highlight of H&M’s new affordable homeware. I’ll be buying this cushion cover… and these hooks (in every colour)… and these candles (and these!)…

h&m simple things cushion

2. Ooh, another new lovely lifestyle book! This time on Outdoor Living. That’ll be going on my Amazon wishlist…

outdoor living by selina lake

3. Their ‘dates for your diary’ sidebar lists loads of things I wouldn’t normally come across, such as the Big Wild Sleepout. Sorry, it was 16-22 June, but great camping inspiration! It’s definitely something I want to try this summer – complete with toasted marshmallows.

4. The perfect plain white tee from Mango at John Lewis

white t-shirt from mango at john lewis

5. A recipe for chocolate mousse – looks reasonably straightforward, hence my recent ramekins purchase! Look out for a tried and tested recipe coming soon

6. Win a Kitchenaid mixer! And the competition page comes complete with a raspberry sponge recipe, so everyone’s a winner!

raspberry sponge
Image via

7. This month’s ‘my day in cups of tea’ features Kit Lee, co-author of Adorn: 25 Stylish DIY Fashion Projects

adorn: 25 stylish fashion diy projects
Image via

8. A recipe for Earl Grey tea weekend loaf. I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the leaves I got from Whittard (I only got them for the Alice in Wonderland tins anyway!) so this recipe would give me a chance to use some up

9. A little DIY project – make your own scrapbook. Great idea for my summer memories

10. And finally, info on letterpress printing and training.

See! Loads of food for thought – both literally and metaphorically. Have you ever read The Simple Things? I highly recommend it. I love having a lazy hour or two the weekend it arrives, sat in the huge chair in the window with a brew if it’s wet or out on the decking if it’s nice out. Perfect.

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