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Item of the day: Bookends from The Literary Gift Company

You can never have too many books - just not enough bookshelves, as I'm gradually finding out, despite having rehomed more than a few last time we moved. I like to keep my TBR pile separate so that it's easy to find something new and these bookends from The Literary Gift Company would be a… Continue reading Item of the day: Bookends from The Literary Gift Company

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Highlights of the week

Here's your weekly dose of recommended reading. Enjoy! Lifestyle The End of an Era - Domestic Sluttery Why I decided to quit my soul-sucking job - Hello Giggles Thoughts that come to mind when turning 25 - Chapter Friday Film & TV 18 reasons Chris Pratt is your next big crush - Hello Giggles Warner… Continue reading Highlights of the week

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Gifts for writers

Buying a gift for a writer is pretty simple on a budget - you can never go wrong with a nice pen or notebook. But what if you want to get them something a bit more special? I'm here to help. Here are dozens of gift ideas for writers on every budget. Under £10 The… Continue reading Gifts for writers