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Saturday Share #110

This week I've been applauding my fave blogger, adding more books to my TBR and pondering baby names. But not for the reason you might think. Ok, first things first. Can we take a minute to applaud that Hannah Gale Blogosophere cover? I'm so freaking excited for the next issue. How did I not know… Continue reading Saturday Share #110

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Saturday Share #70

More blogging tips this week, plus cute nursery decor and an important reminder to check your boobs! Blogging Anna shared some great Twitter hacks on the Cornish Creatives Facebook page the other day. So helpful! Speaking of Twitter, Gillian has some tips on improving your timeline Wanna know more about Snapchat? Parenthood I loved this… Continue reading Saturday Share #70

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Saturday Share #68

Prepare yourself for some epic reading as I make up for being MIA last week. I may not have been updating my own blog but I kept checking out my faves. Here's a round-up of my fave posts from the last fortnight. Lifestyle I love looking at Anna's renovations. Have you seen what she's done… Continue reading Saturday Share #68

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Saturday Share #67

Another awesome week in the blogosphere, packed with Feminist Fridays, blogging tips and yummy baked goods. Pour yourself a brew and enjoy! Music I really need to listen to Regina Spektor's new album. Love that gal Lifestyle Feminist Fridays? Bleddy good idea! I'm not a fan of Zoella. The girl is clearly good at what… Continue reading Saturday Share #67

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Friday Favourites #16

Last week was such a mad rush that I didn't get a chance to publish my favourite post of the week! It's this one, just FYI. So this week's Friday Favourites is a bumper special, featuring highlights from the last two weeks. 1. Jenson's new shoes. We bought Jenson's first pair of shoes from Clarks… Continue reading Friday Favourites #16

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Friday Favourites #4

Ah, Friday Fun Day! I'm really loving putting together these favourite posts. Even in a week when buses have been shit (two and a half hours to get home from work!) and Jenson has been screaming in pain as his first molar cuts through, I like taking the time to reflect on the brighter aspects… Continue reading Friday Favourites #4

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Item of the day: Twitter sticky memos from Fallindesign

Super Cute Kawaii linked this (obviously) super-cute stationery site yesterday called Fallindesign and there is so much awesome on there - plus they have 12% off until the end of the day! I'm loving this Twitter sticky memo set for £3.97. If you're planning on stocking up on more goodies, these Ghost-It notes (such a… Continue reading Item of the day: Twitter sticky memos from Fallindesign

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Some National Stationery Week links you might have missed

On Tuesday I shared some of the great giveaways, discounts and blog posts I've discovered as part of National Stationery Week. I favourited so many more on Twitter today that I just had to write another blog post to share them with you! Blog posts 15 Cool and Unusual Notebooks - Toxel Webster's Pages colour… Continue reading Some National Stationery Week links you might have missed

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National Stationery Week: Pen a Tweet Day

The wonderful National Stationery Week continues with Pen a Tweet Day. I'm of the mind that if you can't do something well, you shouldn't do it at all, so, as someone who loves to write by hand but has terrible handwriting, I was reluctant to actually pen a tweet. I do, however, want to enroll… Continue reading National Stationery Week: Pen a Tweet Day

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Follow Friday #9

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend catching up on posts on Bloglovin but here's what I've managed to catch in the middle of the madness that has been the last couple of weeks - lots of tips for fellow bloggers! Blogging JC Tech: What Every Blogger Needs to Know About Twitter - Jasmin Charlotte… Continue reading Follow Friday #9