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Registering for the baby shower

I debated whether or not to register for a while because on the one hand it seems rude to say to people “hey, come to a party for me and my unborn baby and bring presents. We need all this stuff!” but on the other hand, people have already shown that buying baby things is an addiction and it makes more sense for people to know what we already have rather than risking ending up with five baby baths and clashing decor for the nursery.

I went back to my earlier list of baby essentials and made a note of the things we still need. Fortunately family and friends have been knitting away and picking up the odd purchase, plus my brother and his girlfriend have handed down a load of incredible clothes and the other day I managed to get 71 pieces of second hand items for £20! Needless to say, we won’t be needing any more clothes until Christmas! I’m sure that won’t stop me picking up the odd cute little outfit though. Look at our stash! And we’ve still got the cot, pram, car seat and secondhand clothes stored at various family members’ homes until we move.

babys old room

I trawled through the Mothercare and Babies R Us websites to pick out my favourites of the remaining shopping and also wrote out a shopping list of things to pick up myself – baby bath products, nursing bras and vests, etc. Here are the highlights from the lists

Mothercare gift list

baby sun tent from mothercare
Sun tent, £24.99

bath and room thermometer from mothercare
Bath and room thermometer, £13.00

panda highchair from mothercare
Highchair, £39.99

owl nursing pillow from mothercare
Nursing pillow, £22.50

star print swimming shorts from mothercare
Swimming shorts, £5.00

I chose to register on Babies R Us awell as they had the nursery theme that I wanted. Originally we were going to go for Olive and Henri but I ended up going with this cute bear range. It’s a lot cheaper and the colours were more neutral for if we decided to add any other colours to the nursery.

Babies R Us gift list

bear curtains and huggers from babies r us
Curtains and huggers, £19.99

bear mobile from babies r us
Mobile, £19.99

bear uplighter from babies r us
Uplighter, £7.99

bear cotbed bedding pack from babies r us
Cotbed bedding set, £59.99

bear spiral toy from babies r us
Bear spiral toy, £9.96

The baby shower is currently planned for Saturday 4 April at my parents’ house (likely smack bang in the middle of moving time but I asked for the Bank Holiday weekend in case any friends from further up the line are Cornwall-bound for the long weekend). The boyfriend or his dad will be photographing for me so expect to see pics up here soon!babys old room

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