jungle book pjs from tu clothing
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Item of the day: The Jungle Book PJs from Tu Clothing at Sainsburys

Yay, it's 25% off Tu Clothing time again! It's always great to stock up on next size clothes but we're pretty much there apart from seasonal stuff. We picked up some shorts in store yesterday (these striped ones and these monkey ones). I had a quick browse online to see if I missed anything and… Continue reading Item of the day: The Jungle Book PJs from Tu Clothing at Sainsburys

marks and spencer kids wish list
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Wish list: M&S kids

We're lucky that Jenson is now in that fun clothing age range where he can wear both baby and boys clothes. Baby clothes tend to go up to 24 months and most boys clothes start at a year old, so he can still wear the cute baby dungarees (which Luke hates but I love -… Continue reading Wish list: M&S kids

tu clothing wishlist: the jenson edition

Tu clothing wishlist: The Jenson edition

I think I might actually be addicted to buying things for Jenson. I can't walk into Sainsburys or Morrisons (both conveniently a short walk down the road) without buying anything for him. Fortunately, Morrisons have had a massive sale on recently, so I've stocked up on the next size clothes and I've built myself a… Continue reading Tu clothing wishlist: The Jenson edition

bear cotbed bedding pack from babies r us
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Registering for the baby shower

I debated whether or not to register for a while because on the one hand it seems rude to say to people "hey, come to a party for me and my unborn baby and bring presents. We need all this stuff!" but on the other hand, people have already shown that buying baby things is… Continue reading Registering for the baby shower