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Follow Friday #9

I’m looking forward to spending the weekend catching up on posts on Bloglovin but here’s what I’ve managed to catch in the middle of the madness that has been the last couple of weeks – lots of tips for fellow bloggers!

JC Tech: What Every Blogger Needs to Know About Twitter – Jasmin Charlotte
JC Tech: What Every Blogger Should Know About Domain Names – Jasmin Charlotte
JC Tech: Are You Ready to go Self Hosted? – Jasmin Charlotte
Why You Are More Than Your Bloglovin Number – Cat Crawford
4 Problems I Ran Into When Switching To Squarespace – Cat Crawford
How To Get Out of A Creative Rut: Writing & Blogging – Scarphelia
26 Things You’ve Definitely Done If You’re A Blogger – Hannah Gale
Wanna get out of a creative rut? This handy infographic will sort you RIGHT out – Cosmopolitan

37 Thoughts I Have When I’m Suffering from PMS – Little Miss Katy

Film & TV
CW’s The Flash is a Great Superhero Adaptation But Iris West is Getting Left in the Dust – The Mary Sue

The Green Party might have just made the funniest campaign video ever – Metro
Why should you vote when they all seem such a shower? – The Mirror
15 reasons women shouldn’t vote for UKIP – Left Foot Forward

You know you’ve been pregnant a long time when… – Baby Centre
Is this the most undignified part of pregnancy? – Baby Centre
10 things mums of boys must do – Baby Time
Dads DON’T babysit – Baby Centre

New favourite blogs
Bluebell & Bumpkin

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