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My life in photos: August 2015

This month I actually got myself a life! Kinda… Well, my month in photos doesn’t consist solely of photos of Jenson, so that’s a start!

my life in photos august 2015

1. Jenson started wearing 3-6 months clothes when he was two months old!
2. We spent over £200 in Tesco, mostly on Jenson’s 6-9 month wardrobe (and some sale stuff in bigger sizes – so many bargains!) but I treated myself too. I still have a stack of unread magazines (motherhood, ey?!) and I caved and bought the ‘new’ Harper Lee book. It might have to wait til the commute when I go back to work though. Anyone read it yet? Were you impressed or disappointed?
3. Turns out Slimming World burgers are pretty amazing!
4. Casey Neistat is a mutual favourite YouTuber and he posts a new vlog every day. We’re a couple of weeks behind on videos at the moment and when we do get a chance to catch up, Jenson likes to watch too.
5. We started story time and it’s the best thing. I love watching Jenson’s face when he’s being read to.
6. Amazing Poundland bargains! Check out the little pink elephant tape dispenser.
7. Jenson bloody loves tummy time. If your little one isn’t a fan, I highly recommend getting this Mamas and Papas tummy time snuggle rug. It’s the best £20 we’ve spent on him.
8. My Mummy treated me to some flowers. Pretty!
9. I treated myself to a new throw. Luke isn’t a fan of throws and cushions but it’s nice to be able to snuggle up on the sofa on a rainy day when Jenson’s napping. I’m binging on House at the mo as I’ve only ever seen random episodes – and nothing after season five – and have just started season three. It doesn’t half make me cry! Mummy hormones, methinks.
10. When we were food shopping the other day I really fancied a tub of Half Baked but there was none to be found! Turns out that Blondie Brownie is The Best Ice Cream Ever!
11. I spotted this beauty in the window of the British Heart Foundation store in Penzance. It’s such a pretty paperback and only cost me £2. I used to be a bit of a book snob and would only buy brand new but there’s something about well-loved books.
12. I promise I didn’t this but I was too immature not to take a photo!
13. Me and Jenson have been enjoying walks (rolls for him!) along the cycle path lately. We’re making the most of what’s left of the summer and if I can time his feeds right and it’s not raining we walk into town to meet Luke from work.
14. This is my favourite photo from the last month. His smile is my second favourite thing in the world – the first is his laugh, which he has recently found. This top is also one of my faves – my Grandad drove a red tractor so it means a lot. He wore it for the last time a couple of days ago so I’ve retired it to his bag of clothes for the memory blanket. I’m going to have to go through his wardrobe again this week – already! How did 3-6 months clothes last a month? Some still fit but it’ll be handy to have the next size there ready to dip in and out of.
15. We joined the #milkdrunk Instagram craze. Next it’s the #pamperspooface!
16. On his quarter birthday Jenson finally started grabbing his toys properly! He loves his Dumbo comforter. He was having a bit of a cranky/stressful evening and hated being in the car seat and this helped massively. He had his hand round this throat and his trunk in his mouth acting as a dummy. Poor Dumbo!

Next month you might spot a swimming photo is pool restrictions allow. And possibly rolling over. Me and Luke definitely have to make the most of his days off on nice days – stretch to spending a few more quid before the weather turns. Wish us luck!

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