Tu clothing wish list spring 2018

A Tu clothing wish list (Spring 2018)

I don't know where we'd be without Sainsbury's 25% off Tu clothing weeks. Since before Jenson was born we've used these opportunities to stock up on next size clothing and this week is no different. With the summer fast-approaching (although it's easy to think otherwise with all these bleddy snow storms!), there are some essentials… Continue reading A Tu clothing wish list (Spring 2018)

jenson ten months old smiling
Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: Ten months old

My baby boy is ten months old today! I say baby; I swear he looks more like a proper little person every time I look at him! He sits there quite happily (when he's not teething - more on that dreckly!) chatting to himself, sat up playing with his toys, engrossed in the television... And… Continue reading Jenson: Ten months old

jenson eight months old_featured
Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: Eight months old

I know I start every monthly update amazed at how fast the time has gone but this last month has definitely gone by a lot quicker than the rest. It probably has something to do with the fact that I go back to work on Monday and I don't feel like I did enough with… Continue reading Jenson: Eight months old

2 tog sleepsuit
Jenson, Parenthood

October baby clothes haul

Yep, this is generally a monthly occurrence but I haven't remembered to photograph a lot of them post-purchase. It's generally a mad dash to photograph Jenson looking cute in his little clothes before he unleashes a load of vomit. Or poo. Or both... Yep, we're at that fun teething stage where he poos all the… Continue reading October baby clothes haul

dumbo clothes from sainsburys
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25% off Tu clothing at Sainsburys!

I don't normally like to post two wish lists in one week but I am sooo excited that there is currently 25% off Tu clothing! I love shopping for Jenson at Sainsburys. There's really no need to fork out a fortune on baby clothes - they're only in them for two minutes, it's easier to… Continue reading 25% off Tu clothing at Sainsburys!

my life in photos august 2015
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My life in photos: August 2015

This month I actually got myself a life! Kinda... Well, my month in photos doesn't consist solely of photos of Jenson, so that's a start! 1. Jenson started wearing 3-6 months clothes when he was two months old! 2. We spent over £200 in Tesco, mostly on Jenson's 6-9 month wardrobe (and some sale stuff… Continue reading My life in photos: August 2015

dumbo sleeping bag from tesco

Item of the day: Dumbo sleeping bag from Tesco

We've not actually started using any of Jenson's many sleeping bags yet as it's been so warm he's just sleeping in a sleepsuit or bodysuit. We do, however, have a good stash of different togs and sizes as they look super handy, especially as it gets cooler. This Dumbo sleeping bag from Tesco is in… Continue reading Item of the day: Dumbo sleeping bag from Tesco