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25% off Tu clothing at Sainsburys!

I don’t normally like to post two wish lists in one week but I am sooo excited that there is currently 25% off Tu clothing! I love shopping for Jenson at Sainsburys. There’s really no need to fork out a fortune on baby clothes – they’re only in them for two minutes, it’s easier to throw out clothes caked in shit than to try and wash them and they do a ridiculous amount of adorable stuff.

I popped into the store on Sunday for some food shopping and had a quick browse of the clothes (it’s rude not to, even if you can’t afford to buy so close to pay day) and fell in love with the Dumbo and bear ranges. I immediately tweeted Sainsburys to ask if they advertise when they have their discount days because I’ve only ever found out about them when I’ve been in the store and a nice man tweeted me back saying to keep my eyes peeled. Then the most amazing thing popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday – 25% off Tu clothing! YES! But would it still be on after I’ve been paid? DOUBLE YES! It’s on until Monday. So I’m gonna be stocking up on 9-12 months clothes on Saturday after I pop down for my flu jab – great excuse! Here’s what I’ll be keeping an eye out for…

dumbo clothes from sainsburys

Dumbo sleepsuit, £3.75, Dumbo PJs, £3.75, Dumbo walker, £3.75, Dumbo bodysuits, £3.75, Dumbo snuggle suit, £5.25

bear clothes from sainsburys

Bear hug top, £3.00, bear sleepsuit, £3.75, bear set, £5.25, bear bodysuit, £3.00, bear socks, £2.25, blue hat, £2.25

boys clothes from sainsburys

Superman t-shirt, £4.87, Toy Story PJs, £7.50

boys jumpers from sainsburys

Dinosaur cardigan, £8.25, raccoon jumper, £8.25, blue jumper, £7.50

boys trousers from sainsburys

Claret joggers, £5.25, grey jeans, £6.75, blue jeans, £5.62, blue jeans, £3.75, grey trousers, £4.50, trousers, £6.00

And I’ll need a little something-something too!

womens clothes from sainsburys

Turquoise jeans, £13.50, t-shirt, £9.00, boots, £15.00

Roll on Pay Day!

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