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Follow Friday #32

Oops! It seems I have over 600 saved and unread blog posts on Bloglovin. There’s just so much awesome out there and I’m discovering new blogs every day.

follow friday


How awesome is Bethany’s Disney Christmas wish list?!

We decided early on not to spend a ridiculous amount of money on Jenson for Christmas – not least because we just can’t afford it! Baby Centre have a list of 25 Christmas toys for £10 and under. Perfect!

Want to make something more personal to gift someone this Christmas? I love Paige’s DIY sewing kit idea.

We wanted to make our own Christmas cards with a photo of Jenson or some such but haven’t gotten round to it yet. I love Helen and Isabella’s footprint cards. The robin is my fave. I think we’ve just found a rainy afternoon activity!

Make it

There are few better things to do on a rainy day than to bake brownies and scoff them in front of the latest Netflix sensation, ammiright? Rhianna has got you covered with these incredible marbled chocolate brownies.


I loved Rhianna’s post on ten things bloggers don’t tell you. I could relate to every single one.

One of my resolutions for 2016 (more on that soon) is to finally go self-hosted and register my own URL. Vix has pretty much convinced me to move to Squarespace. If you have any advice, do leave me a comment. And speaking of URLs, Bloggers’ Lounge have a post on why you should own your own.

New favourite blogs

Vix Meldrew – seriously, go check out her blog. If you’re anything like me you’ll be stuck there for hours reading dozens of awesome old posts.

The Lunar Lights – so many beautiful books! And gorgeous photography.

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