feminist t-shirts from etsy

Item of the day: Feminist t-shirts from Etsy

Did you know there's a shit load of bad-ass feminist t-shirts on Etsy? Take your pick from the following - there's even one for Jenson! Feminist AF, £15.99, girl power, £6.99, don't be a dick, £14.99, girl gang badge, £3.75, tiny feminist, £16.00, don't tell me to smile, £19.84 Follow me on: Facebook | Twitter… Continue reading Item of the day: Feminist t-shirts from Etsy

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Follow Friday #32

Oops! It seems I have over 600 saved and unread blog posts on Bloglovin. There's just so much awesome out there and I'm discovering new blogs every day. Christmas How awesome is Bethany's Disney Christmas wish list?! We decided early on not to spend a ridiculous amount of money on Jenson for Christmas - not… Continue reading Follow Friday #32