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Follow Friday #33

I started the week so well with catching up on Bloglovin, dedicating a whole day’s worth of baby naps to reading other blogs and putting together this post. Then Jenson decided to start cutting down on his naps and had two half hour naps. The fuck?! Anyhoo, these are the beauties that made the cut this week. Go give ’em a read.

follow friday


Helen shares the best recipes! I love these cupcakes – and especially the super-adorable reindeer cupcake stands!

I’ve loved reading about people’s Christmas traditions, including Becky’s.

There are so many awesome gift guides out there. This week I’ve been loving Lorna’s guide for stationery lovers.


Michelle’s post about going out-out when you’re older was so relatable!

I rarely colour my hair because I prefer reddish tones but my hair just doesn’t hold the colour well, so I loved Vicki’s post on caring for coloured hair

Make it

This week I have an incredible chocolate cake recipe for you, courtesy of Wooden Window Sills.


How awesome is this Super Mario Bros/Moschino backpack?!


Jenson totally has FOMO – I didn’t realise it until reading this post.

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