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Saturday Share #128

You really can find so much awesome advice on the internet. From potty training to travel and life balance to dating, these bloggers have got you covered. I've loved reading about Cat's freelance journey and she's just posted the first part of her tips on writing your own freelance business plan. My favourite travel blogger… Continue reading Saturday Share #128

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Saturday Share #70

More blogging tips this week, plus cute nursery decor and an important reminder to check your boobs! Blogging Anna shared some great Twitter hacks on the Cornish Creatives Facebook page the other day. So helpful! Speaking of Twitter, Gillian has some tips on improving your timeline Wanna know more about Snapchat? Parenthood I loved this… Continue reading Saturday Share #70

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Saturday Share #55

Every morning on my way to work, before I dig my book out of my bag, I catch up on my social media, emails and all-important Bloglovin feed (yes, my commute is that long!). I always love seeing what everyone else is getting up to, swooning over their beautiful photographs and seeing what books, films… Continue reading Saturday Share #55

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Follow Friday #48

I've been catching up on the 2,000+ blog posts I've bookmarked, so there are some slightly older links here this week. They're all goodies though, so make yourself comfortable and have a gander. Baby A woman has dared to suggest that working non-mothers should be entitled to me-ternity leave. I could punch her in the… Continue reading Follow Friday #48

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Follow Friday #33

I started the week so well with catching up on Bloglovin, dedicating a whole day's worth of baby naps to reading other blogs and putting together this post. Then Jenson decided to start cutting down on his naps and had two half hour naps. The fuck?! Anyhoo, these are the beauties that made the cut… Continue reading Follow Friday #33

I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up and figured it was a great way to keep in the habit of writing

The #lbloggers chat: Blogging inspiration with @Sunny_in_London

Ah, blogging inspiration. As lifestyle bloggers it should be all around us, right? But what can you do if you find yourself stuck in a blogging rut? Read on for some highlights from last week's #lbloggers chat on blogging inspiration, hosted by the lovely Sunny in London. I originally started blogging nine years ago because… Continue reading The #lbloggers chat: Blogging inspiration with @Sunny_in_London