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Follow Friday #40

Oh dear, I’m writing my Follow Friday right before bed on a Friday night again. Good job I don’t have a social life, right? At least I have my commute to catch up on my fave blogs now, so I’ve managed to bookmark a fair few for this post. Happy bedtime reading!

follow friday


This post on PMS made me realise I’m not alone in not being able to shop when hormonal. I get so stressed when I even pop into New Look!

I’m a firm believer that fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas but I’m just not sure what to do with them outside the festive season. Until now

Jules has got me questioning why I always apologise for everything – even when someone else bumps into me. People should know when they’re being assholes – otherwise how do we expect them to change?! I’m sure that’s not her point but it’s what I’m gonna take from it!


BuzzFeed brought many a smile to my face with their stationery posts this week, including 90s nostalgia and borderline erotic stationery photos

Like the Paperchase website wasn’t already beautiful enough, I totally fell for them all over again with this blog post on how to de-clutter, re-organise and refresh your office


Going back to work has been a bit of a shock to the system and I’ve loved Kristin’s post on how to offend a working mum. Especially “7. It must be good to get away.” That comes up multiple times a day!

Gemma’s post on losing yourself after having a child was totally spot on

Film & TV

Oh em gee, how awesome was the return of The Walking Dead?!

Make it

How incredible does this white chocolate popcorn look?!


Ooh, I love a good workspace tour! Thanks, Charlotte!

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