What I’ve been reading lately #5

I’ve been looking for a lighter read lately and something that I can easily dip in and out of or read in one sitting – hello, magazines and comic books!

what I've been reading lately - Esquire, The Death of Superman and Flow

Quite the eclectic mix, doncha think?!

esquire - men and women's issue

I had to pick up a copy of Esquire because it was subtitled the men and women’s issue. I was interested to read what a men’s magazine had to say about feminism and, even though the content was aimed at men, I still found it an interesting read. Emma Watson is such a freakin’ goddess and I’m impressed with how she has used her celebrity status to champion such an incredible movement.

esquire - men and women's issue

I love the angle that feminist issues aren’t men’s fault but are their problem. By asking how they would feel if it was their mother/partner/daughter/sister etc it makes it a whole lot more personal and I think that’s a great approach.


The reason I picked up this issue was because I had read Caitlin Moran’s article online. I thought it would be a good indicator of the rest of the content and, although it’s hard to write anything half as good as my gal Cate, I wasn’t wrong.

the death of superman

I didn’t finish reading The Death of Superman until after watching Dawn of Justice, which made it all the more intriguing. The death of Superman was big news when the comic was originally published and I think it’s great that comics had such a massive impact. It’s a shame that they don’t feature as prominently today (arguably?) as comic book movies have grown more and more popular and I think more people should take a look at the source material – especially when it’s so faithfully adapted.

the death of superman

Luke recommended this book to me as it was the first appearance of Doomsday – the climactic villain in the film Dawn of Justice. It was interesting to read his origins but I do prefer more modern comic book art.

flow magazine

I picked up Flow magazine in Smiths the other day because I was drawn to the cover and a quick flick through suggested that this was a beautiful and inspiring publication. Sometimes first impressions are really spot on and I think this could be my new favourite magazine! Gone are the days where I devoured every single film title. Now I’m looking for something a bit more easy-going and which encourages me to appreciate the little things and take more time for myself. I used to find that with The Simple Things magazine but quickly found it a bit too middle-class hipster.

flow magazine

What I love in particular about Flow is its incredibly high production values and that it is almost part activity book, with quite little questionnaires, prompts and inspiring pull-outs. Swoon!

flow magazine

I’m definitely going to be subscribing!

What have you been reading lately? Any magazine or comic recommendations?

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