what I've been reading lately - Esquire, The Death of Superman and Flow

What I’ve been reading lately #5

I've been looking for a lighter read lately and something that I can easily dip in and out of or read in one sitting - hello, magazines and comic books! Quite the eclectic mix, doncha think?! I had to pick up a copy of Esquire because it was subtitled the men and women's issue. I… Continue reading What I’ve been reading lately #5

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Follow Friday #42

Last week I made the decision to change the way I treat Jenson's naps. Instead of cracking on with housework, I'm making time for me, my blog and catching up on TV. After all, it's not hard to tackle the laundry while Jenson's in the jumperoo or ball pit - he's not particularly mobile yet,… Continue reading Follow Friday #42


Highlights of the week

It didn't take long for my posts to become less regular. After two weeks of two posts a day, life has started getting in the way again (over-time, teeny hint of a social life, etc) and I've not shared as much of the internet's awesome as I would have liked this week. I've been trying… Continue reading Highlights of the week