Jenson, Parenthood

Jenson: 11 months old

The little babies aren’t little babies anymore! We’re so lucky that we’ve met so many lovely families over the last year and it’s crazy that they’re all having their first birthday parties already. Today we went to our third one in ten days – and four weeks today it’ll be Jenson’s turn!

jenson ten months old

There have been quite a few firsts this month – first birthday party, first ride in a shopping trolley, first pair of shoes, first go on the swings, he’s got a few new teeth, he fell off a see-saw(!)… He’s still not crawling forwards yet – probably because he’s realised that he can get where he needs to be by doing loads of roly polies. And he’s whizzing around in his walker and ‘sneaking’ out of the room. He’s such a monkey and thinks it’s hilarious when he does something that he knows he’s not meant to, like pulling the laundry off the radiator.

jenson and laundry

He’s also got a thing about slamming backwards into the sofa and bouncing forwards and tries doing it in the highchair too. I keep telling him not to because one day he’s going to do it on something hard and hurt himself but he thinks it’s funny when I tell him no and just shakes his head. If only he wasn’t so cute when he does it!

As much as he loves it when we play with him, he’s also better at independent play, meaning we can actually eat sometimes! It’s crazy seeing him become more and more capable. Rather than slapping toys to get them to make a noise, he’s figured out how they work, and uses his fingers individually to push buttons – and to try and swipe the notifications on my phone!

jenson and toys_ten months old

Noisy toys are obviously the best. It’s great seeing him show more interest in the older toys he has had for a while and it’s sweet how some of his newborn toys are still his favourites. We’re gonna have to keep hold of a few once he’s outgrown them.

Of course, the biggest thing coming up in the next month is Jenson’s first birthday and party planning. We’ve already got his presents and card. Now I’m just keeping an eye out for Paw Patrol wrapping paper (his new favourite), keeping an eye on the weather reports before we invest in a gazebo and stocking up on party food. Ooh, and doing a cake smash! Exciting times.

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