Jenson: One year old

Yep, my baby is one year old today. I’m scheduling this post a couple of days in advance, so it’ll likely not be filled with the kind of emotion I’m feeling on the actual day – probably for the best! We’ve got a busy couple of days lined up, with our nephew’s second birthday and Jenson’s party on two consecutive days – let’s eat all of the cake!!!

jenson cake smash

Yep, we did a cake smash. Or, at least, we tried to (full cake smash post coming soon). Considering Jenson is such a messy eater, it was the daintiest cake smash you ever did see. For a long time he just sat there eating the sweets off the top (we picked up a sweetie cupcake from Morrisons) before I encouraged him to get his hammer involved. He likes to bash things! It didn’t take long before he wanted to crawl off and play with the rest of his toys. He’s a weird little chap.

jenson cake smash

We tried for the longest time to keep him away from particularly sweet stuff, so it’s not surprising he wasn’t all that interested. We gave him a taste of our chocolate dessert the other day and he just screwed his face up and we’ve tried a few different flavours of ice cream but I think he’s put off by how cold it is more than anything else.

We finally have a crawler! He’s commando crawling everywhere and you’ve really gotta keep an eye on him. We lived out of our office (not remotely child-proofed!) for over a week this month because we had a lot of building work going on downstairs. Fortunately the weather was so nice that we didn’t have to stay cooped up – there were lots of walks and trips to the park. Jenson loves the swings and is good at holding on to rockers (thanks, swimming lessons!) but really doesn’t like slides (yet?). We’ve had our living room floor replaced so he’s wriggling and sliding all over the place now – and just discovered a love of pulling DVDs off the shelves. Brilliant! I think we’re going to have to put a couple of stair gates up too.

jenson swings one year

Teething has been a bitch, as always, with a few middle of the night screaming sessions – he has seven ‘proper’ teeth plus one which has recently broken through and more on the way. He’s been a right cuddle bum with me, sometimes sitting with me under a blanket watching TV for over an hour – that’s generally when we know more teeth are coming and we’re in for a rough night. There have been a few where we’ve been up for over an hour in the middle of the night trying to rock him back to sleep, only to have him start screaming bloody murder as soon as he hits the mattress. That can be pretty hard going.

One of his favourite things to do is to wave and clap. He’ll wave at himself in the mirror or the TV when one of his favourite shows come on and he’s started clapping along to music too – or at himself when he’s being clever. So cute!

jenson clapping one year

I’ve got another week off work in a couple of weeks so hopefully we’ll be able to get the buggy onto the beach between us and take his sun tent down for a picnic. I can’t wait to see how he reacts when he dips his toes in the sea for the first time.

We’re still on the same three words at the moment (Dadad, Mumum and Nanan) and I’ve been wondering what’s going to come next. I have a feeling it’ll be no because he likes to shake his head! He can crawl backwards off the sofa now too but isn’t pulling himself up so I reckon that may come in the next month. I wrote the other day about not comparing your baby to others and worrying that they’re not developing as quickly. I’m really done with the whole ‘is he walking yet?’ thing. I spoke to a friend about it the other day and her son is 18 months old and ‘still’ bum shuffling everywhere. Every baby is different and will hit each of their developmental milestones in their own time.

Jenson had his last under ones session last week too – and seemed to enjoy the spaghetti sensory play area! While I’m off we’re going to try him in a group that our nephew used to go to on a Tuesday morning so we’ll see what both he and Luke make of that, as it’ll be Luke taking him over there. I think it’ll be a good starting point for nursery. I’m hoping to take him to the one next door to my office one day a week from September – I just need to sort out the financials. It’s £43 a day(!?!), which we can’t afford but I’ve heard that if you’re on Working Tax Credits you get about 70-75% of this paid, even if they’re under two…? I really need to remember to give them a call during office hours to check. The things that make their way further down the to-do list when you’ve got a baby around!

jenson spaghetti sensory play

Let’s see what the next month brings!

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