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Jenson: 14 months old

It's the start of a new month which means it's time for another baby update! Jenson is now 14 months old and the last month has been spent dealing with four three ts: teething, talking, (almost) toddling and tantrums! It certainly ain't all rosy in our household! Teething: Jenson now has at least 12 teeth.… Continue reading Jenson: 14 months old

jenson 13 months
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Jenson: 13 months old

It's true what they say - time flies! It's well over a month since Jenson's first birthday party and Christmas is fast-approaching. For reals! It feels like we just had his first and now we're over halfway to his second! We're picking up the odd present here and there to make it easier on the… Continue reading Jenson: 13 months old

my life in photos may 2016
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My life in photos: May 2016

I'm making more of a conscious effort to take photos every day - and not just of Jenson! You may have spotted most of these snaps on Instagram over the last month and I like sharing them in an end of month round-up - even though it's been June for a week now. Crazy, right?… Continue reading My life in photos: May 2016

jenson cake smash

Jenson: One year old

Yep, my baby is one year old today. I'm scheduling this post a couple of days in advance, so it'll likely not be filled with the kind of emotion I'm feeling on the actual day - probably for the best! We've got a busy couple of days lined up, with our nephew's second birthday and… Continue reading Jenson: One year old

jenson ten months old smiling
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Jenson: Ten months old

My baby boy is ten months old today! I say baby; I swear he looks more like a proper little person every time I look at him! He sits there quite happily (when he's not teething - more on that dreckly!) chatting to himself, sat up playing with his toys, engrossed in the television... And… Continue reading Jenson: Ten months old

jenson nine months old
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Jenson: Nine months old

Yep, my baby boy is now nine months old - three quarters of the way to his first birthday! I was reminded last week just how quickly the time goes and how you can never get it back. We were browsing the clothing sale in Sainsburys and spotted some cute Winnie the Pooh gear that… Continue reading Jenson: Nine months old

a day in the life of jenson - playing on the sofa
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A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

As I approach the end of my maternity leave, I thought I'd share a day in the life/photo an hour type post, so there's no Silent Sunday this week. Here's what we got up to yesterday... Jenson woke up at the rather unsociable time of 5.50am. Not too bad considering he didn't want a bottle… Continue reading A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

jenson eight months old_featured
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Jenson: Eight months old

I know I start every monthly update amazed at how fast the time has gone but this last month has definitely gone by a lot quicker than the rest. It probably has something to do with the fact that I go back to work on Monday and I don't feel like I did enough with… Continue reading Jenson: Eight months old

sophie the giraffe comforter from john lewis

Item of the day: Sophie the Giraffe comforter from John Lewis

Jenson loves his teething rings but he also loves snuggling down with a comforter, so this Sophie the Giraffe comforter from John Lewis is the perfect combination. It gives him something to chomp on as well as something soft and colourful to play with. It's £19.95.

jenson seven months outfits
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Jenson: Seven months old

Last Wednesday our 'little' bundle of love turned seven months old. It doesn't sound like that significant an age but he can now move on to the next stage of Ella's Kitchen food, which means meats, casseroles, spag bol and other yumminess. And I'm making more of an effort with baby-led weaning. I was really… Continue reading Jenson: Seven months old