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Jenson’s cake smash

I can’t believe Jenson turned one two weeks ago today! We did his cake smash a couple of days before when we knew we would have time to work it around naps etc – great idea if you’re planning on doing it yourself at home rather than hiring a studio. I wanted to share it with you on the blog not just because he’s so friggin’ cute but to show you that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Admittedly, Luke’s a great photographer and we have our own studio setup at home but as long as you’ve got a room that gets good natural light and you’ve got a plain wall and floor for a background (we’ve just had our living room floor done – handy!), you’re pretty set. And you don’t have to go all out on props either – I say the simpler the better.

jenson cake smash

I really wanted to get Jenson a vest that had a one on it for the shoot but didn’t have much luck online – I didn’t really want to pay more than a fiver, especially as I’d already ordered this awesome birthday boy t-shirt for his party. Luckily we have a friend who works at a printers around the corner and he was able to just pop a vinyl on a plain vest we already had.

jenson cake smash

I figured while we already had the lights and backdrop and everything set up for the shoot we might as well get a few other shots of him and I love this photo of him with his building blocks. I intially wanted to get a shot of him with his name in blocks in front of him but I think it works well that he reached for one of them straight away.

jensons's cake smash

In case you didn’t already see on my Instagram account, this was probably the daintiest cake smash of all time! We got a sweetie cupcake cake from Morrisons (£10.00) for him to smash because it had loads of icing (guaranteed to make a mess, right?) and, well, it looked good! But he spent the longest time just picking the sweets off the top and only really started smashing when I encouraged him to have a go with his toy hammer. And even then, after a few minutes he wanted to crawl off and play with his other toys. I’m pretty chuffed with the shots we got though.

cake smash2

jenson cake smash

Did you do a cake smash for your child’s first birthday? Did it turn out messier than you anticipated?

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