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Memories from Jenson’s first year

One of my favourite things is the one line a day five-year memory book I bought when I was pregnant. Since Jenson was born I’ve been recording a memory a day to look back on when he’s older. Now that he’s a year old I thought I’d share some snippets from his first year.

one line a day diary

30 May 2015: Yay, you’re finally here! It’s true what they say – you are worth every second! Sorry about those horrible forceps!

Baby Jenson forceps marks

3 June 2015: We’re finally home! Daddy is on night duty tonight so Mummy can catch up on sleep. Don’t be too hard on him!

Baby Jenson

4 June 2015: When Daddy was feeding and burping you this evening you tried to suckle on his nose – it was the cutest thing! Was a bit slow with the camera.

5 June 2015: We went out to the shop today – first outdoor adventure! You look so tiny in the huge pram! Mummy is still learning to drive it.

Baby Jenson in his pram

7 June 2015: We’re staying with Granny and Grandad tonight so Mummy and Daddy can look after you together. Your umbilical chord stump dropped off today! Bath time!

10 June 2015: You did such a big poo today that it was easier just to throw your clothes away!

12 June 2015: You’re developing so much every day – holding your head up and grabbing things, like Daddy’s chest hair!

15 June 2015: You really need to work on your aim when you’re peeing – today you got it on your face and in your ear! You weren’t very impressed.

16 June 2015: This morning I asked if you wanted milk and you smiled at me – definitely not wind or a coincidence!

24 June 2015: Mummy had her first “mum date” today with Sophie and Holly – it was our first time out without Daddy!

30 June 2015: We went to our first baby group today in Marazion. You’re now a whole one month old and weigh a whopping 11 pounds and 11.5 ounces!

17 July 2015: You’re very colicy and very sad about it. So are we. Sorry it’s taking to so long to make you feel better :(

Baby Jenson Superman

18 July 2015: Nanny is sleeping over tonight so we can have a night of uninterrupted sleep – woah! :)

20 July 2015: You fell asleep on me, smiling as I stroked the back of your head. I had forgotten how much you like that.

4 August 2015: I read to you today (Guess How Much I Love You) for the first time and you loved it :) Rather than looking at the book you kept looking at me and smiling.

6 August 2015: You did your first little giggle tonight! It was quite quiet but still the cutest thing :)

7 August 2015: You bleddy love your new tummy time play mat and looked super proud of yourself when you went one-handed

tried and tested: mamas and papas tummy time snuggle rug from argos

10 August: You’ve been quite cranky the last couple of days and super dribbly – could you be teething already?!

30 August: You’re a quarter of a year old! Woah! You properly grabbed your toys today for the first time and love your Dumbo comforter

17 September: You had your first swimming lesson today and I’m so glad you loved it – I was terrified but you did so well – even underwater! :)

swimming with Jenson

1 October: Another milestone for your red book – you lift your arms to be held/picked up now :)

10 October: We took you to Paradie Park for the first time today. You weren’t very impressed and yawned when you met a penguin!

jenson and penguin

30 October: You’re really going for it in your Jumperoo now – actually jumping! Shame about the poo explosion while you were in it – goodbye clothes!

11 November: Proud parent alert – today you sat on your own for the first time! For ages!

23 November: You had your first proper bit of food today – sweet potato! You’re not bad with a spoon and didn’t make as much mess as I thought you would!

4 December: You woke up shouting for Daddy to come and pick you up – so cute!

19 December: YOU’VE FINALLY CUT YOUR FIRST TOOTH!!! :) I hope you don’t suffer as much when the rest come through.

3 January: You love your fluffy Peter Rabbit book but you get so into the cover that it’s impossible to read the actual book!

jenson reading

15 January: I SAW YOU ROLL FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY! YAY! The feeling of pride was overwhelming. And poor Nanny just missed it.

15 February: Going back to work feels more real now. It’s going to take time to get used to only seeing you for an hour or two some days.

23 February: Seeing your smile when I come home from work is the only good thing about leaving you all day.

28 March: I’ve had an eventful 12 days at home with you – you’re in your own room, you’ve cut down to three bottles and you’re cutting three teeth!

25 April: You’ve been waving all day – when people enter/leave the room, to the TV, when you go past the mirror… cute!

7 May: You are so good at kisses. I told you to kiss your bunny this morning but you just turned to kiss me instead. Aww! :)

14 May: You’ve been commando crawling for a couple of days now and can get across the room quite quickly – look out!

20 May: You’ve started pulling the soft blankets off the back of the sofa to snuggle up to when you’re ready to sleep – aw! :)

30 May: Your first birthday was the perfect day – gorgeous sunshine for a party in the park and all of your favourite people were there :)

jensons first birthday cake

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