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Friday Favourites #11

It’s been a bit of a slow week – definitely one for appreciating the little things, like awesome friends, Luke’s incredible cooking and baby milestones.

1. Friends. I caught up with some lovely ladies over the weekend. I was still checking in with the doctors every day and it just so happened that one appointment meant I needed a pitstop to give Jenson a bottle after. It would have been rude not to have met my oldest friend and her son for brunch! We love it in The Front Room – it’s so baby friendly and the staff are always great with him. In fact, I’m gonna dedicate a whole post to them in the next couple of weeks to sing their praises in full. We also popped to the beach with Jenson’s awesome Aunty Toni and our friends from swimming classes. Jenson’s still not really into the cold sea water and is pretty happy just sat playing in the sand. We finally got him a bucket and spade yesterday so we can build sandcastles next time.

jenson in the front room

2. Luke’s cooking. Luke has taken over most of the cooking duties since I’ve gone back to work and he’s great at jazzing up basic ingredients. Here’s a look at a couple of recent meals. Ain’t he the best!

lukes cooking

lukes cooking

3. Jenson is practically walking! He can take a couple of steps between furniture when he knows he can crash safely and has started pulling himself up on his push along walker and whizzing around the living room all by himself. I really need to catch it on video. I’ve been too impressed not to just sit and stare so far but hopefully I can catch something in time for his 15 months update.

4. Authentic Weather app. Luke had this app on his phone and I had to download it. It gives me a good giggle every morning when I decide what clothing is appropriate for the day. Although even when it’s cloudy and horrible it’s still bleddy hot.

authentic weather app

5. Christmas shopping. Yes, I know it’s only August but since returning to work part-time, we pretty much live pay day to pay day, so we’ve been picking little things up here and there for Jenson. The lucky kid already has a load of Elmer and Gruffalo books, a train set, a track for his cars and a chalkboard easel and stand, plus a garage for his birthday. Pretty organised, huh?! Here’s a lil pic to remind you how cute he was on his first Christmas Day!

Jenson's first Christmas

We’ve also had some pretty awesome news this week which we’re not quite ready to share – all will be revealed in next week’s Friday Favourites. Guesses are welcome but it’s definitely not another baby and Luke hasn’t put a ring on it!

I hope you’ve all had a top week and have lots of exciting plans for the weekend :)

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