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Jenson: 15 months old

We’ve reached Jenson’s quarter birthday again! No, we don’t celebrate silly little things like that but it’s crazy to think that he turned one three months ago. Before we know it it’ll be Christmas! Fortunately we’ve just finished Christmas shopping for him (we’ve been stocking up a bit at a time when things have been on offer), so it’s just the rest of the family to shop for now.

jenson sunglasses 15 months
How cute does he look in his new shades?! Just a couple of quid from Sainsburys. He even keeps them on for a few minutes at a time.

Last month’s predictions have actually materialised for the first time – we have unsupported steps, new words and we’ve been swimming! Go us! First up, walking. Yep, we officially have a toddler! It started with a few steps each day then yesterday he was taken about six steps at a time, several times a day. He looks so proud of himself when he realises what he’s doing.

And we have a new word – “yuck”! It’s really funny when he does it and it usually follows him sticking his tongue out.

As for swimming, we thought we’d try it at a different local pool before his classes start again and we were both in for a shock. We went to Wheal Rodney Holiday Park, a place I went regularly when I was young, and I was really disappointed with the changing rooms for a start. It was basically a room behind a shower curtain with no dedicated space for babies. I had to sit Jenson on the floor on a towel while I got myself dried off after. Rubbish. And he is so used to the warm hydrotherapy pool that he froze up at the lower temperature. He hadn’t napped beforehand which probably didn’t help but he didn’t show much interest at all and just wanted to hang on to us. Hopefully we can try St Ives before classes start again in a couple of weeks.

jenson reading 15 months old
The boy loves his books! Like mother like son.

Now that he’s walking he’s falling more too – always fun! Sometimes he has two injuries in one day, which breaks my heart. Usually it’s just a little bump or bruise but the other day he cut his lip and he had a fat lip for a few days. Poor broken baby! He bounces back pretty quick though. Especially now that he’s figured out how to use his trampoline. He used to just sit on it and hit the bits that make noises but now he knows to pull himself up and bounce up and down – and he loves it!

One issue we’re trying to deal with is head banging – and I don’t mean to music, although he does that too! When he’s told off or tired he bangs his head on purpose. I had a wee look on Baby Centre and it seems to be an attention or comfort(!) thing when tired or teething and the best thing to do is to try and ignore it. Has anyone else had this problem? Apparently it’s three times more common in boys and peaks around 18-24 months.

jenson on the beach with nanny 15 months
Beach time with Nanny. He’s obsessed with reaching out for a finger boop. It’s my new favourite thing.

Lastly, because we’re moving house and know where we’re ‘settling down’ now, we’ve picked a nursery. In fact, we’ve signed the forms and he’s starting in October – the week after we move! Initially we weren’t going to put him in nursery until he’s two – we don’t need to as we work different days and we like hanging out with the little guy – but he doesn’t get much of a chance to socialise with other children and we think it would be good for him to give it a go two afternoons a week. We had a look around the place and loved it and Jenson will start his ‘settling in’ period in a couple of weeks. During the tour he just wanted to play, which is a good sign, but I want to see how he gets on with being left alone with strangers initially and if he’ll nap there. Fingers crossed!

When did you decide to put your little one in nursery? Did they take a while to settle in? I’m interested to read about your experiences.

1 thought on “Jenson: 15 months old”

  1. First time round my little man went to nursery at six months as I was working, this time round my little lady is starting nursery on Monday (at 3 years old). Theres no right or wrong time x

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