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My life in photos: August 2016

Yep, it’s September already. Autumn is nearly here and with it comes the countdown to my birthday and Christmas. But before start living the hygge life, let’s wave summer goodbye with a look back at my August in photos.

my life in photos - august 2016

1. I reviewed A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Penlee Park Theatre
2. We found our new home – check out that balcony! Hello, morning coffee and croissants!
3. The first of two books which almost destroyed me
4. I read Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey for the first time. Now I just need Persuasion to complete my collection
5. Mums’ night out at The Vault
6. After being pissed off and stressed out by too many people, I decided to learn to just let things go
7. Date night at the place where we had our first date (and many after that)
8. The poshest date night ever at The Alverton – highly recommended
9. The second book which almost destroyed me!

Of course, these posts aren’t complete without a little Jenson collage!

jensons august 2016 in photos

1. He fights naps for ages and sometimes ends up just crashing on the floor
2. Big enough to ride on Winnie the Pooh now
3. So cute when he gives him cuddles and kisses
4. Finally got the hang of his trampline
5. Everyone points out how much he looks like Luke – especially wearing his beanie and sunglasses!
6. Beyond cute!
7. Family fun times at the beach
8. Loving his new buggy book
9. Sitting up like a big boy in his beanbag chair

Here’s to an awesome September!

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