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Jenson: 17 months old

I missed the 16 months update because we were moving house so Jenson is a whole two months older since my last update. And in that time we’ve both started and given up on nursery. More on that in a bit.

jenson pumpkin

We moved house just over a month ago and it affected Jenson a lot more than I thought it would. I thought have us there and all of his things would make it easier but it’s been a big adjustment. For the first week he wouldn’t let me out of his sight while he was awake – even now he has his moments where he’s with Luke or my mum and if I try and go upstairs he starts screaming. If we’re home alone I have to take him into the bathroom with me, which I never had to do before we moved. Apparently 17/18 months is a big age for separation anxiety so I don’t think that helped matters.

Because we moved somewhere more central and near a great nursery, we thought it would be good to get him stuck in straight away. Big mistake. The stay and play session we all went to together was great. He was off straight away playing with other kids and the girls who looked after them. We even thought it would be easy to come back a few days later and be able to leave the room for him to play independently. Nope! We did two hour-long sessions a week for four weeks and he screamed every single time we left. And I’m not talking a bit of a cry when we leave but then he gets distracted toys and is fine. I’m talking proper screaming, sobbing, me coming back into the room to find a blotchy hiccuping baby. And that’s just the one time they told me to keep leaving the room when he was crying. Other times I’ve done what I do at home and said ‘Mummy will be back in a minute’ and went to leave the room and he started crying instantly.

We’re lucky that we’re not in a situation where he has to go to nursery so that we can go to work. We decided to put him in nursery a couple of afternoons a week so that he can hang out with other kids (and, not gonna lie, so we can have a bit of a break!), but it’s just not the right time for him at the moment. It’s a great nursery and we know it’s where we want him to go but moving house has been a major adjustment and he’s just not ready. And that’s fine! The first afternoon he should have gone into nursery after we stopped going he was happy playing at home with his dinosaurs. Much better than screaming for Mummy to come back!

I feel like he’s really grown up in the last couple of months too. He’s walking more than crawling (probably about 90% walking, 10% crawling) and practically running at times. We’ve taken him out a couple of times where he’s been out of the buggy and he loves the freedom of running around.

Trevaskis Farm animals

He’s gone through some weird sleep phases lately. For the most part he’ll sleep until 7-8am, which is bleddy aces, but sometimes he won’t go down until 9-10pm and will stir a couple of times a night for his dummy. Other times we won’t hear a single peep from him all night and some days he won’t nap, which is awful! We were lucky with the clocks going back that he slept until 7.45am, napped for over two hours and fell asleep before 8pm. In fact yesterday was the best day he has had for a while. No teething trouble and no tantrums – until Daddy got home from work! We spent most of the morning cuddling on the sofa watching TV. He had a couple of nights where he didn’t want to sleep on me, rather lie next to me on the sofa, and I was worried that he had already grown tired of Mummy cuddles. Thankfully that’s not the case. Yet.

Now that we’ve made the decision to put nursery on hold for a while, I’m looking for more stay and play sessions so that he can spend time with other children with the comfort of having a parent close by. We still go to swimming classes on a Thursday morning, which I love, so it would be great to find something that he can do with Luke while I’m at work. I’m also keen to take him to our local soft play with our friends at the weekend more often. Now that he’s walking confidently he can do more than just sit in a ball pool! Plus it’s good for me to stay in touch with the lovely mums I’ve met over the last couple of years.

trevaskis farm pumpkin patch

We had a couple of really fun days out last month, taking Jenson to the Trevaskis Farm pumpkin patch and Paradise Park. I definitely want more days like this, funds permitting, and have already started on my Christmas bucket list, which I’ll share soon. I’m already really looking forward to Christmas and the festive build up. Jenson’s gonna love it!

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