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Friday Favourites #22

It feels like it has been a longer week than usual. Probably not helped by the fact that I spent over 14 hours travelling to and from work this week (bear in mind I work a three-day week!) and that I went straight to bed when Jenson did on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday night I made myself stay up so that I could finally have some writing time and was up til gone midnight – very rare for me. I managed to bust out five blog posts in that time though. Yay for late night productivity! Here’s a little look at what I’ve loved this week

1. Batman. I’ve been reading a lot of comics over the last couple of weeks and I have loved The Long Halloween and Hush. I have a DC comics subscription, which provides a lot of highlights, and it’s been great reading a lot of backstories. I think The Long Halloween might be my fave Batman story, despite The Joker being my fave villain ever.

goodreads challenge

2. Jenson’s car. The Boy got some new wheels! He loved playing with this Fisher Price car at soft play and we managed to get him one secondhand.

Jenson's new wheels

3. New coat. I got an early Christmas present from my aunt cos it’s so fecking cold waiting around for buses! It’s been ridiculously hard trying to find a decent coat that will still allow me to wear a thick jumper underneath but I finally found one – third time lucky!

new coat

4. Internet. We are connected! Finally! Six weeks after we moved house and five weeks after our initial installation date. Which means no more using our mobile phone data to watch The Walking Dead!

5. Collaborations. This week I’ve been lucky enough to review some of Totally Funky’s Christmas gifts and I’ve got a couple more posts coming soon – one with a new stationery company and one with a mental health charity. Exciting times!

totally funky christmas gift guide

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have a fun weekend planned :)

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