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Jenson: 19 months old

I know I’m biased but we really do have the best kid. He’s loving, intelligent, thoughtful, imaginative… Sure, he has the odd paddy but it’s generally when he has to leave the park or if you’re eating something and he isn’t. Over the last month he really has blossomed and it’s been amazing to have 12 days off in a row to really see it.

jenson in the park

We’ve been to the local soft play a couple of times and it’s so interesting to watch him interact with other children. He’s fascinated by children who are bigger than him but it has led to a few issues, as all ages play together there. One child in particular hit him twice in one session – unprovoked. Jenson was sat in a toy chair and raised his arm to wave at this boy as he walked past and he hit his arm because, as he told me, he thought he was going to hit him! What the fuck?! Jenson has never hit another child, even in retaliation. Luke doesn’t want him to be a pushover but I think when he’s older he’ll understand that he can stick up for himself. I don’t want him to be aggressive or have a temper and think it’s sweet that he always sees the best in people.

I didn’t realise until Christmas Day how developed their imagination is at this age. He has previously brought mugs from the kitchen cupboard over to me so I can have my coffee (awww!) but when he opened his play kitchen I was surprised to see him cooking straight away and licking the utensils saying ‘yum yum’. We bought him a shopping basket with toy food to go with it and we’re working on learning new words. He’s so cute when he says ‘banana’ and he can also say ‘gorgeous’ and ‘clever clogs’ (which he clearly is!).

Jenson Christmas 2016

He’s such a little explorer. The problem with going out is that as soon as he’s out of his buggy he wants to run around and see everything – and then not get back in the buggy. He’s got a Buzz Lightyear backpack with reins that we’re going to have to get him used to so that he can walk around more but not run off. Going to the park is the best. He got his first pair of wellies for Christmas and they took some getting used to; it was like learning to walk all over again!

jenson 19 months old

I know a lot of women have said that they don’t want their children to be their greatest success and that they want more for themselves but I can honestly say that I’ll be perfectly happy if Jenson is the best thing that I do with my life. I am really proud of the affectionate, caring, inquisitive little bookworm that he has become and I still can’t believe he’s mine.

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